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сентября 25, 2013



New, modern cosmological model of the universe.

As it is well known, modern cosmological models of the universe are mainly based on the theory of relativity. A new model of the universe, which is proposed in this article, is also based on Einstein’s theory, but as we know, the whole theory of relativity is based on the Lorentz’s transformations. A key element of the Lorentz’s transformation is so-called the Lorentz’s radical. In the article: «The relativistic mechanics of space-time intelligence» given a geometric representation of the Lorentz’s radical, which provides the basis for deep reflection.

The geometric interpretation of the Lorentz radical provides the following important, incredible results:

1. The Big Bang is the result of a collision of galaxies in space — a substance with the speed of light.
2. One version of the model of the universe is assumed that when the intergalactic speed approaches the speed of light, the universe at this point is maximized, but the geometric interpretation of the Lorentz’s radical suggests that at this moment the universe is not maximized and squeezed almost to the maximum and approaches to a singular state.
3. The universe is cyclical and each cycle of development begins and ends with the Big Bang.
4. Also, it can be concluded that the moments before the collision of galaxies, that is, before the moment of the Big Bang, the kinetic energy in the universe is at maximum, and the thermal energy tends to zero. The temperature of the universe at this point tends to absolute zero. At the time of the collision of galaxies with the speed of light all the kinetic energy is converted into the heat energy.
5. At the end of its development, the universe turns into a huge black hole, where each galaxy rushes to the center at the speed closer to the speed of light.
6. Every galaxy and every point in the space of such a black hole can be regarded as its center.
7. The geometry of this space is the cause of gravitational interactions between material bodies — between substances. At the same time, we can say that gravity is the cause of the geometry of the space.
8. The geometry of such space, gravity, causes a distortion of time in the universe. Where there is more gravity – there is more substance. Internal observer in such area would think that the time stretches. As a result, prior to the collision of galaxies it would seem that the galaxies are close to him, not closer than the speed of light, but slowly. It would seem to him that the galaxies brake and the moment of contact between the galaxies is 0km/s. an external observer, who is not in the middle of the action and doesn’t have an impact on the gravitational force will see that the galaxies collide with the speed of light (C) which results in the Big Bang.
9. It is quite possible that in such a space, in a moving medium the time will be distorted relatively to an observer.
10. In such a universe, there are parallel spaces. That is, every point is simultaneously everywhere and at the same time at one point. If you find a way, you can instantly move from one point to even the most remote point.
11. This universe is finite but has no boundaries.
12. This universe has a labyrinthine structure. If an observer will instantly move to any of its points, then it would seem to him that he is in the center of the universe.
13. Human mind is fully adapted to such s space.
14. And on this page you can learn much more about a new model of the universe.